History of the Langley Corner Surgery

Dr. John Dungate started the original practice in Crawley in 1784. He lived in Crawley Cottage. His practice was very widespread, with patients from coming from Crawley, Ifield, Copthorne, Charlwood, Horley, and as far as Croydon and Reigate.

This practice was taken over by Dr. Robert Smith and then his son Dr. Thomas Smith. Since then we have had a long line of partners, most of whom have been here for many years.

In 1954 due to the increase in population, Langley Corner Surgery was built in Ifield Green. Ifield is an ancient village and site on which St. Margaret’s Church stands was mentioned in the Doomsday Book. A large area of the old Ifield is an independent manor with its own squire.

Dr. Reynolds not only became the first incumbent G.P., he also lived above the surgery in the purpose built flat, as did several more junior partners when they first joined the practice. The demands of General Practice eventually necessitated use of the whole building for medical purposes.

There followed many improvements and extensions until today where we have 12 clinical rooms including a minor surgery room, a conference room and several breakout rooms. We currently have four partners – Dr. Ketan Kansagra, Dr. Bilal Ali, Dr. Jude Gunasegaram and Dr. Emma Murphy.  


The practice has always been in the forefront of undergraduate and postgraduate training.

Before the advent of the official Vocational Training Scheme, trainees were always attached to an experienced G.P. at our surgery.

In the early nineteen seventies, the National Vocational Training Scheme commenced. Dr. Reynolds became the first official trainer for our practice, willingly supported by his partners.  Since that time, many more doctors in the practice have become accredited trainers of postgraduate medical students. We currently have three accredited trainers.

In 1980, the practice became involved in the St. George’s Hospital Medical School. Again, all the partners embraced this scheme and we now have students from Brighton & Sussex Medical School coming to Langley Corner Surgery for their training. We have two partners offering training for medical students.


Over the years, we have been medical officers to public schools in the Crawley area. We currently look after boarding students and some staff at Cottesmore School.

The partners have been and still remain Medical Officers to a number of Care Homes in the community, including The Dyers Almshouses in Northgate, Deerswood Lodge Care Home in Ifield, and Ifield Park Care Home in Ifield.

Our partners have also served on the Local Medical Committees, CCG boards, and Educational Committees.


Over time, we have been able to expand the number of services we can offer on site. We have an ultrasound service that can offer scans for patients in all of Crawley. We also have a clinical pharmacist, care coordinator and a social prescriber. Our team of health care professionals is always expanding and we hope to add to our team as the needs of our population changes.

The partners throughout the whole practice (old and new) have long benefited from excellent professional support from Community Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors.


The practice is very fortunate to have a fantastic group of doctors, some of whom stayed with us after their training, and nurses and HCAs offering excellent clinical care.

We have a dedicated group of receptionists, administrators, secretaries and managers supporting the clinicians in offering the very best care we can. We hope that you enjoy the service we offer and we look forward to looking after you and your health.